School Photography

School Photography

There is an alternative!

Masterpiece Photography......

Masterpiece is well known in the Central North Island for its fresh ‘outdoor’ approach & natural photos.
We service a vast number of schools, daycare centres and kindergartens in the Waikato and beyond. Over 130 to date!

At Masterpiece, we like to do things slightly different to other photographic companies. We like to capture the uniqueness of each and every School or Kindergarten by tailoring the class photos to your identity and to the individuality of your staff, children & surroundings.

You will receive a first class service and dedication to achieve the best results.

We will take the photos outdoors where ever possible but have the option of indoor photography when required.
School Photography

For Kindergartens, Daycares and small Schools we can offer a 'View First' system. This is a system where parents can view a sample portrait before purchasing.

For larger schools we operate a 'pre-pay' system.

Sports and cultural groups are a very popular way for schools and parents to remember children's achievements.

How Masterpiece can benefit your school

A beautifully presented framed display poster

A set of class archive photos for your school records

Class and staff photo's for each member of staff

A fabulous display board of staff individuals if required

Student identification photos can be supplied on CD by arrangement

Generous Commission on all photos sold

How Masterpiece can benefit your Kindergarten/Pre School

Class & Staff archive photos for your records

Class and Staff photo's available for purchase, offered at a special discount price

Staff individuals if required

Generous Commission on all photos sold

We are happy to chat with you about your requirements, please feel free to call our helpful staff....07 823 4306


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